9. Short Films

This section will showcase the various short films that I have been involved in. Not all films will be able to be posted on this page, as some may be submitted to various film festivals and are not permitted to be uploaded to a public site, such as YouTube.

The short films on this page are those that have been uploaded to YouTube, with captions explaining the film. Enjoy!

(an)Other – Teaser Trailer

Written and directed by Fraser Green

This is the official teaser trailer for the Australian short film ‘(an)Other’, which was filmed in April/May 2012 in Melbourne. It is set to be released through film festivals all over the world.

The Making of (an)Other

Directed by Fraser Green

This is a behind-the-scene look for an upcoming short film titled ‘(an)Other’, written and directed by Fraser Green (me!!). ‘Like’ the official Facebook page and keep updated with the film’s distribution!

Deal With It (2012)

Directed by Paul Norton

Filmed across half a day in May 2012, the director of the film decided to dispose his broken printer with a fun short film. Another excuse to blow something up!! It was filmed in Moorabbin, Victoria

The Making of ‘Mystery Box’ (2012)

This is a short documentary about the ‘making of’ of Portfire Studios’ Nazi Zombie film ‘Mystery Box’. It answers the many questions people had regarding the video, with the special effects, camera movements and explosions.

Fruit Ninja (2012)

Directed by Thomas Marley

Real-life fruit ninja! This film was shot in late-April 2012 in Talbot, Victoria and is a parody of a popular game/application on the iPhone.

Pizza Panic! (2012)

Written and directed by Paul Norton

A Call of Duty veteran saves the day!! Pizza Panic was shot in Talbot, Victoria, with the Pizza shop scenes in Oakleigh in March 2012. A 10-hour day in Talbot has been edited down in to 7.5 minutes. Real explosions and gunfire we used on set, and is the biggest production from Portfire Studios yet.

MechWarrior Battle (2012)

Directed by Thomas Marley

Ever seen Transformers and Predator? Well here these two ridiculous movies are, basically moulded together and compressed down within two minutes, with MechWarrior Battle!!! The film was shot in January 2012.

No Visitors (2011)

Directed by Paul Norton

A toy lab is under attack!!…..um, why? It seems they make more than ‘just toys’! Originally titled ‘Lab Invasion’, No Visitors was shot in early September 2011 over 2.5 days and was in post-production for a number of months due to its effects-heavy content. The film was shot in Moorabbin, a suburb of Melbourne.

Mystery Box (2011)

Directed by Paul Norton

Ever played Nazi Zombies on the popular video game Call of Duty? Mystery Box is a live-action adaptation of the game – real life Nazi zombies!! The film features a unique rig for the first-person viewpoint of the cinematography. The DoP also acted in the film, as seen.
The film was shot in Talbot, Victoria, near Bendigo in November 2011. It only took a day to shoot the film and editing was fast due to the high-demand for the film’s release.

Nightfall (2011)

Adapted for the screen and directed by Matthew Berto

On an almost nothing-budget, writer/director Matthew Berto shot Nightfall across a couple of months, one day a week, to bring his debut vision to life.
The film was shot in and around St. Albans, Melbourne, from early June to late August 2011.

Grapefruit (2011)

Written and directed by the students of One-week Director’s Course AFB, overseen by Chris Hobart

Conceived, written, planned and shot in the space of 6 days, Grapefruit was the intense product of the February 2011 Melbourne Film Director’s One-Week School, run by Australia Film Base. Each student on the film took turns in the various roles, rotating scene-by-scene from Director to Production Runner!
The film was shot in and around Oakleigh, Melbourne over 1 and a half days in February 2011. See if you can spot our errors on a second viewing….we only found out in post-production!


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