2. About the Site – Film Reviews

The aim of this site is to give teenagers the opportunity to read film reviews by someone who is the same age as them. Most film critics these days are grown up adults who may think completely different of a film than a teenager does.

I may not be a qualified film critic, but I love films, love expressing my opinion of films and I love talking about films. I am currently studying my Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Melbourne majoring in Cinema & Cultural Studies.

Navigate your way around the site using the links to the right searching through the different categories.

All reviews have been written by myself, Fraser Green. Please note that this is an Australian site as I am Australian and live in Melbourne, Australia.

My site also contains a list of upcoming films and a list of my top 100 best films. Analysis articles are a new feature, that give a look at the artist and thematic side of filmmaking.

I hope you enjoy reading my film reviews and analysis articles.



9 Responses to 2. About the Site – Film Reviews

  1. Paul says:

    Hi Fraser,

    Good idea for a site. Well done. As I am not a teenager, I will not post much, but look forward to reading a few reviews


  2. Hassa says:

    Well done Fraser keep up the good work

  3. Christine Lim says:

    Hi Fraser,
    This is an great movie review website with excellent reviews. Definitely a website to look at before watching any new upcoming movies. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Garry says:

    Nice work Fraser. I’ll keep an eye on this site in future. I’ve heard Mr Brooks is worth seeing. Are you planning to review that one in future?



  5. alex says:

    Hi Fraser your reviews are very good good job young land you are cool form alex s you now how bills son

  6. alex says:

    Hi fraser your site is very good you must like your moives alot from Alex s bills son

  7. Nathanael says:

    Well Done . first time i came on.

  8. DudeDazz says:

    Hello Fraiser,

    I am writing this commen to you to ask you a question. I have a movie review website that I am currently running and I would like to have more people read my reviews. I was just wondering if you could possibly put a link to my website on your site and I will, in exchange, put a link to your website on mine.

    This is the link: http://www.dudedazzmoviereviews.wordpress.com



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